How it works

Step 1:

As soon as you enter, take off your shoes and place them in a locker. Bring the locker key to the friendly staff member.

Step 2:

When you pay your entrance fee, you will be given a T-shirt and shorts, towels and a key to a personal locker.

Step 3:

Find your locker number indicated on the key.
At this time, you are recommended to take a quick shower and put on the T-shirt and shorts provided.
Now you are ready to RELAX and ENJOY!!!
You are welcome to bring your laptop, books and/or games into the facility.
**We recommend that you carry a towel around with you to dry off any sweat, and leave one towel behind to dry yourself off after your final shower.


  1. Please refrain from wearing any perfume.
  2. Do not bring any valuables, as we are not responsible for any lost items.
  3. Keep your key with you at all times!!! You will be responsible for your lost key and all the transactions!!!
  4. Outside food and beverages are NOT allowed within the facility.
  5. Please show your key number to purchase any food or beverages. You can pay when you retrieve your shoes on your way out.

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